Bespoke chemical-free disinfection solutions for various industries, including agriculture, food processing, food-service and medicine since 1993

JIMCO A/S uses the forces of nature to re-create an environmentally friendly chemical-free process for air purification, water purification and surface disinfection which is applicable in many different industries.

The UV based technologies are aimed at combating VOC’s, bacteria, viruses, mold, yeast, food waste, chemicals, fire risk as well as bad odors with up to 99.9% efficiency.

With the introduction of the UV-C-based disinfection of surfaces, Jimco now adds yet another field of application to the patented UV-C technology, which has been awarded the EU Environmental prize and which since 1993 has been used in self-produced air cleaners – systems which are used for removing obnoxious smells, improving the indoor climate as well as reducing the danger of fire  and infection hazards. 


Jimco Clients

Below examples of major players already use Jimco solutions at their facilities


Compact Solutions: MAC500® and Other

Designed for small spaces of up to 60 m³ (private rooms, cooling rooms, medical purpose rooms and vehicles) this device can effectively cope with disinfection (including Covid-19 virus) as well as remove odors

FLO-D® Mini

Portable fully automated solution for disinfection/odor treatment for spaces up to 314 m³/1 258 m³


Centralized ventilation based solution which fits individual industrial demands with productivity of up to 20 000 m³ of air treatment per hour
(which is not the limit)



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