Full Scope Engineering and Construction of the Pig Breeding Facility (Armenia)


This is practically one of the most modern facilities in terms of automation within the Caucasus and South-Caucasus regions that involves equipment and technologies of our longstanding partners - SCHAUER and GRUBER. Most of the processes within the farm are fully automated, namely: feeding, climate control, manure removal and etc.

The 1st stage of the pig breeding facility is designed for 112 breeding sows (BS), which are projected to produce around 3150 heads of  pigs of 75-125 kg of live weight per annum.

The 2nd stage is designed for 128 BS: production of 3600 head of commercial pigs of 75-120 kg of live weight per annum. The stage was completed by September 2018. Animals for the 2nd stage were imported from the Vologda region in cooperation with Euroagratech.

The difference in fattening weight is caused by the wishes of the customer and the specifics of the local market.

Larger weight is intended for meat processing and preparation of semi-finished products for trade enterprises, and less weight for catering enterprises (restaurants, etc.). For instance, up to 125 kg of live weight is commonly used with the region for meat processing, semi-finished products, while a lighter weight of 75 kg better suits for fresh usage - barbecue, etc. 

After reaching the projected capacity of 240 BS, the first stage shall produce up to 165-300 tons of net bone-in meat year, the while second stage will produce up to 190-320 tons of net bone-in meat per annum (total production will reach the level of 355-620 tons, depending on the live weight for fattening).

At the same facility Euroagratech has performed installation of GRUBER feeding storage and feed preparation equipment allowing a storage capacity for quarterly autonomous work of the farm. Due to the above efforts our customer shall not depend on the manufacturers of animal feed.

Our technologies allow customers to prepare feed themselves according to any recipe from derivatives growing in your area (corn, barley, wheat) or available on the local market.

In the immediate vicinity of the pig farm, the installation of a larger granary for 2300 tons from GRUBER. In result the feed management of the breed has been optimized and milk production has increased accordingly.